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Cutting administrative time & effort

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I definitely would recommend other HR leaders to use it, I would rate Guusto a 10! You guys have a great team there and always open to answer any questions anyone might have. I really appreciate everything that your team has done!


Peaches Diaz,
Complex Human Resource Manager

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Food Production


Peaches Diaz is a HR manager of the Elberton Georgia plant. Using Guusto has enabled her to easily reward employees with gifts they always enjoy. Here's how flexible recognition increased performance and alignment at Pilgrim's.



Increased Alignment to Core Values


Reduced Administrative Time



The Challenge

Guusto solved the problem of recognition at Pilgrim's. Our powerful and simple tools make the entire Pilgrim's team feel appreciated and valued to work there. While Pilgrim's had a recognition program before Guusto, there were limited options and only came in the form of items the employees did not need nor use. Administration was time consuming, requiring three HR leaders to administer and organize rewards for their staff. On a scale of 1-10, alignment and recognition was only ranked as 5 before adopting Guusto.

The Solution

The Pilgrims leadership team started steady, increasing adoption by 10% quarter after quarter. Every recognition reward is attached to a core value reason. Alignment to core values increased by 40% after using Guusto. Flexible rewards empower all recipients to choose rewards they value every time. With Guusto, consistency of recognition increased by a whopping 40%. Employees reduced absenteeism by 7% after implementing the Guusto program in January 2020.

My team likes that they are given a gift card and they can choose the merchant they want to use it at. Instead of buying items that they'll maybe use twice and will sit on their desk and look pretty, now they can have a tangible thing they can actually use like drink coffee, go to the grocery store, go shopping.

Administration is easier. Before implementing recognition programs with Guusto, Peaches needed two extra people to help to administer gift cards. Now, she does it herself, saving about 20% administrative time. Peaches states that now she doesn't have to spend a lot of time going through magazines for items to select gifts. Guusto has 60,000 merchant location options, so all employees have the freedom to pick their own gifts they truly value.

Check out our Step-by-Step Guide to Rollout Guusto and try sending some gifts, or Contact Us if you'd like to learn how Guusto can help inspire great employee performance at your company!

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