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We're always hiring great people that align with our values

As a company that sells employee recognition software, we are striving to create an amazing company culture where employees love their work, are encouraged to take initiative and risks, and feel appreciated for all their efforts.

Our Guiding Core Values

We hire, review performance, and recognize employees (using our own software to send Guusto gifts) based on these core values.

We seek to deeply understand customer problems and desires.

They are why we exist! We embrace feedback from colleagues as a valuable opportunity to improve and get to the best ideas. We contribute to an inclusive and equitable culture and respect diverse opinions.

We practice radical curiosity

by constantly seeking wisdom through books, podcasts, courses and mentors. We further our learning by testing new ideas to see what actually works. We’re also eager to collaborate and share learnings with colleagues and customers.

We take initiative and own projects.

We make decisions and commit. We choose to focus on results rather than work completed, and are fully accountable for successes & failures. We recognize colleagues for their work, but aren’t afraid to deliver constructive feedback to help them grow.

We push to get a little better everyday.

We set ambitious goals and strive for high standards with everything we do. At the same time, we stay scrappy by trying to do more with less. And we aren’t afraid to take risks, knowing that failures lead to innovation.

While You're Here

A Little Bit Better Everyday

We are strong believers in the abilities of young people and empowering them to solve difficult problems. As a startup, there are no clear paths to success, so we encourage our team to try all sorts of things, figure out what works, and get a little bit better everyday.

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Changing from the Inside Out

It's an exciting time to be working with so many talented people at a fast growing company that is changing corporate cultures around the world and making a social impact.

We look forward to hopefully having you join our growing team!

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Great work environment, lots of flexibility, project oriented

Marketing & Client Success Specialist

A fun team, with great leaders and growth opportunities

Business Development Representative

Guusto is awesome! Such a rewarding place to work

Market Specialist

A fantastic place to work

Lead Software Developer

Managers are passionate about the company and your growth!

Product Designer and Web Developer

Amazing team and a great place to work!

Marketing & Customer Success Specialist

Great product, great people to work with

Software Engineer

Great place to work at

Software Developer

A Culture of Recognition around Core Values


Ambitious company with a great culture

Account Executive

Great people and place to learn

Operations and Marketing Specialist

Overall have had a great experience at Guusto so far

Software Developer

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