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We’re always hiring great people that align with our values. We look forward to hopefully working with you!

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Great Place To Work in Canada

June 2022 - May 2023.

Great Place to Work in British Columbia

June 2022 - May 2023.

Great Place to Work for Mental Wellness

June 2022 - May 2023.

Our core values

Everyone at Guusto strives to embody our core values in the work they do, the actions they take, and in how they interact with each other every day.

We embrace feedback as a gift! We strive to create safe environments for people to share honest thoughts, often saying “tell me more”, and showing appreciation for their comments. We encourage others to challenge our ideas, but we do not need consensus to make decisions. We respect people expressing diverse opinions and support an equitable and inclusive culture so everyone can be their authentic selves.

We have a growth mindset! We ditch the ego, admit we don’t know everything, voice problems and ask questions. We seek wisdom through books, podcasts, courses and mentors. We carve out time for deep focus work to quickly acquire new skills. We further our learning by testing ideas to see what actually works. We ask colleagues to review our work to identify mistakes and opportunities for improvement.

We care about colleagues succeeding! We take an interest in them as people. We set clear expectations and inspire them with our passion. We are quick to assign credit for successes and take accountability for failures. We develop trust by being authentic, transparent and reliable. We support them when needed, recognize them for their contributions, and give honest feedback that will challenge them to grow.

We take initiative and deliver results! We aren’t afraid to take risks, as we know failure leads to innovation. We have a bias for action and ship daily, making things happen before making them perfect. We make decisions and commit. We keep the big picture in mind and focus on opportunities over problems. We set ambitious goals and strive for high standards with everything we do. We stay scrappy by trying to do more with less.

We put our people first

We pride ourselves on being a people first organization. Every decision we make has the employee experience at the forefront. As we strive to create better workplace culture for thousands of other organizations, we have to first commit to creating an incredible culture right here at Guusto. The first step is ensuring our people have the support they need to do their best work, prioritize their own wellness, and take care of their families. Keep reading to see the many ways that we take care of our people at Guusto.

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Flexibility on the job

Guustonians have the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in Canada. Do your best work in person? You can work as much or as little as you’d like from our collaboration space in Vancouver. At Guusto, you can use our unlimited PTO policy for vacation, personal days, volunteering, learning & development, or to celebrate holidays.

Every member of our team has their own unique needs and responsibilities. We want to take some of the stress out of remote work and the uncertainty of the world we live in. Every Guustonian has the flexibility to do what they need for themselves and their families every day. Whether that is picking up the kids from school, running to pick up groceries, taking the dog for a walk or unplugging for an afternoon yoga or meditation session. Work that fits your life, whatever that looks like.

Your wellness matters

As well as our comprehensive benefits package, Guustonians are equipped with a spending account to put towards their health and wellness. Health and wellness looks different for everyone - use the funds towards whatever contributes to your health and wellness. Benefits, wellness and health spending, and mental health support start on Day One.

Guusto Team

Our social responsibility

With every gift sent through Guusto, we are creating more accessibility to clean water to some of the most vulnerable populations in the world through our partnership with OneDrop. Learn more about our partnership here.

We prioritize purchasing from BIPOC-owned businesses as much as possible, whether it be our team hoodies, our holiday gifts, or books for our team members' learning & development.

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Perks and benefits for all Guustonians

Work from anywhere in Canada
100% distributed. Flexible hours so that you can make the most of your day.
Company laptop & WFH budget
Macbook and a budget for you to get the tools you need to do a great job.
Unlimited PTO
Take the time you need to rest and come to work feeling energized.
Learning & development
Annual budget for courses, books, and classes. Unlimited access to Masterclass and SaaS Academy.
Benefits from Day 1
Paramedical, vision, and dental, including mental health benefits and lifestyle & wellness spending accounts.
Recognition budget
Every team member at Guusto gets a monthly budget to recognize and reward their peers for the amazing work they do!
Employee stock option plan
Want equity in Guusto? The choice is yours. Where you prefer to take equity or more salary, we want to offer flexibility to our team so they can make the best decision for their life situation.
Parental leave top-Up
Keep your benefits and enjoy a top-up for all parents. We will keep your return-to-work plan flexible to fit your unique circumstances.
An awesome team
Every company says their teams are exceptional and amazing, but we recognize it as one of the best things about working at Guusto. We have monthly team days and weekly informal team events in order to build relationships and community within our remote-first team.

Our commitment to candidates

We are committed to creating an excellent experience for our candidates who are applying to join the Guusto team. Regardless of outcome, we want the experience to be positive, timely, and informed.

Transparent job descriptions

We post salary ranges in our job descriptions. We’ll also detail the interview process, including how many stages there are, who you’ll be speaking to and why, as well as whether there is a project or case study as part of the interview process. There won’t be any surprises. We also provide a realistic glimpse into what you will actually be doing in your first 3 months and your first 12 months in the role. We don’t want to dissuade you from applying if you don’t check every single box, so we do away with listing required skills and just tell you exactly what the role entails.

Timely communication

All applicants will hear back from us as to whether we’ll be moving forward with their application within 2 weeks of applying (but we aim for it to be sooner!). During the interview process, we won’t let a candidate go more than a few days without an update from us, even if that update is that there is no update to share just yet.

Delightful interview process

The Guustonians that you’ll meet during the interview process will be well-prepared, on-time, and able to answer your questions about Guusto or the role itself (or if they can’t, they will get back to you ASAP!). Our interviewers will be welcoming, professional and focused on learning about your experience, skills and how you want to grow in your career. No tricks, tests or personality assessments, just conversations with real people!

Commitment to inclusive hiring practices

We are committed to consistently improving our recruitment practices to ensure that applying and interviewing at Guusto is an inclusive and equitable experience for everyone. Anti-bias interview training, transparent salary information on job descriptions, and a great interview process are just some of the ways we do this. If you have any suggestions on how we can make our interview process more equitable, please let us know!

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