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The people behind Guusto

Great culture starts with great people

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Our Guustonians

When you choose a partner for something as vital to your company as employee recognition, you need to know that you're in good hands.

At Guusto, we’ve been incredibly lucky to assemble a mind-blowingly talented collection of people. Their passion, enthusiasm, and creativity help us to constantly push our product forward and deliver world-class service to our customers.

Customer Success

When you sign up to Guusto, we’re with you every step of the way! Our customer success team is all about helping you achieve your objectives. Through regular reviews, real-time support, resource creation, and more, we do everything we can to meet your needs.

Client Collaboration

On the frontlines of our mission to transform company culture. Our client collaboration team will help you decide whether Guusto is the right solution for your needs, and offer advice and guidance on building successful employee recognition programs.


Our Product team is constantly listening to customers to learn more about how our product can help them achieve their goals. We use that feedback to develop new features, upgrade our capabilities, and brainstorm new ways to make Guusto better for you.


The people who make Guusto possible. Our brilliant engineers work hard to create the best possible product for your needs and keep it running smoothly. Together, they’ve built and rebuilt Guusto several times to make it the top-rated platform it is today.


Our marketing team works to create high value resources and assets for HR professionals to help them learn about the value of employee recognition and company culture, connect with others in their industry, and accelerate their careers.


The glue that holds everything together. Our people team, finance specialists, security experts, and founders play essential roles in helping everyone at Guusto reach their maximum potential.

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