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Honestly, you guys have made this program so simple. So simple to administer and simple to redeem, so we like that.

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Chief Human Resource Officer
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Guusto saves your HR department time, so they can focus their efforts elsewhere and do something that will create a perception of you being an HR department that interacts in a more modern and current way.

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National Director of Human Resources
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It's been very cool for us to see what's happened with the high adoption of the Nomination Box... It's really neat, in that we had no idea what to expect, and people find a lot of joy in the program.

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Internal Communications, Employee Engagement and Leadership Development
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Guusto streamlined the process for us. Because there are so many locations (21 locations including head office), it's just way easier to know where everybody is spending their money and keeping everybody on track.

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Human Resources Assistant
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I love Guusto for the simplicity. It's on your phone [or desktop] and you can very quickly send something professional looking with your own brand on it and everything.

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Senior Mortgage Advisor
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Guusto has definitely helped to enhance our overall employee engagement scores when we look at various company metrics.

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Director, Corporate HR & Total Rewards
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What Others are Saying about Guusto

Easy to Use Tool Means More Employees Get the Recognition They Deserve

Jamie H.

Manager, Marketing & Events

Love Guusto! - The ability to customize; ease of use for our employees; ability to set up teams.

Connie B.

Director of Human Capital

User Friendly and worked well without having any training on the application.

Maria D.

Corporate Assistant

Best employee rewards tool on the market

Poya F.

Managing Director

Great way to recognize team members

Andrew A.

Associate VP

The Best way to give a gift card

David R.

Financial Services Broker

Everyone loves the social giving part, its humbling.

Shwetha M.


Amazing customer service. They go above and beyond!

Sukhdeep L.

HR Generalist

Super User Friendly, Excellent customer Support, Great way to track and pull reports

Revathi I.

HR Admin

I've been blasting out a bunch of gift cards in a few seconds

Paul E.

Real Estate Owner

No more plastic cards, gifts are redeemable at any partner venue

Verified Reviewer


Generally easy to use and understand, lack of fees is fantastic, and the overall support from customer service is great.

Chris D.

Manager, Human Resources

We've enjoyed using the Guusto platform.

Lydia T.

Manager, Employee Engagement

Incredible Service - Very easy for Users and for Admins

Steve L.

Director Human Resources

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