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Create amazing workplace cultures where people feel appreciated, connected and inspired.

Increase access to clean water around the world.



Help HR Leaders build employee recognition programs to transform culture.

Donate 1 day of access to clean water for every Guusto gift sent.



Rid the world of poor workplace culture.

A world where everyone has access to clean water.

Our core values

We hire, review performance, and recognize employees (using our own software to send Guusto gifts) based on these core values.

We embrace feedback as a gift! We strive to create safe environments for people to share honest thoughts, often saying “tell me more”, and showing appreciation for their comments. We encourage others to challenge our ideas, but we do not need consensus to make decisions. We respect people expressing diverse opinions and support an equitable and inclusive culture so everyone can be their authentic selves.

We are obsessed with personal growth! We ditch the ego, admit we don’t know everything, voice problems and ask questions. We seek wisdom through books, podcasts, courses and mentors. We further our learning by testing new ideas to see what actually works. We love to collaborate with others to develop creative solutions, and review our work to identify mistakes and opportunities for improvement.

We take initiative and deliver results! We are quick to assign credit for successes and take accountability for failures. We provide a clear vision and inspire others to pursue it with us. We develop trust by being authentic, transparent and reliable. We care personally about colleagues, supporting them, recognizing them, and providing honest feedback that will challenge them to grow and succeed.

We aren’t afraid to take risks! We know that failure leads to innovation. We have a bias for action and ship daily, making things happen before making them perfect. We make decisions and commit. We keep the big picture in mind and focus on opportunities over problems. We set ambitious goals and strive for high standards with everything we do. At the same time, we stay scrappy by trying to do more with less.  

Sustainable growth with no venture capital

With only a bit of money from friends, family and some early customers to get things off the ground, we had to find a way to grow profitably through our own cash flows. For technology companies, this is rare, but it allows us to call the shots, treat employees right, and grow in a sustainable way.

VC backed firms often get pushed to grow at all costs, and go boom or bust (9 out of 10 times it’s bust). The management team is distracted by all the reporting to investors that could be spent on helping customers, and often prioritize short-term metrics at the expense of long term company health.

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