Ensure no one is left out of your program

Build a culture
where people love to work

If you don’t have email or phone numbers for frontline workers, we've got options to deliver offline recognition.

Print out options for less tech savvy

Print shoutouts and rewards to deliver in person. The recipient can use the QR code or link to redeem the reward for their merchant of choice. Alternatively, print a merchant gift card so the recipient can redeem it without ever needing technology

TV displays for the floor or break room

Display recent recognition on TVs around the facility to highlight great work being done. Include upcoming milestones so your frontline workers get celebrated by colleagues, and leaderboards to stir up a little healthy competition

Automated awards sent to manager to deliver

If there’s no email or phone in the system for an employee, you can route automated awards (e.g. milestones) to the employee’s manager. They can then present a QR code on their phone or a print-out to the frontline worker.

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