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Industry Leading ROI

Highly Customizable

Pick and choose the elements you want so you only pay for what you need.

Huge Savings

No set up fees, shipping fees, markups or paying for unclaimed gifts (saves 10-20%).

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 60-day full money back guarantee on any subscription fees!

How Most Clients Pilot and Scale Programs


Start with a single account for sending milestone awards or client gifts.


Then, create a few teams and add members to provide them with budgets.


Later, consider some add-ons to supercharge your programs.

Paid Annually
~ 2 Free Months
Paid Monthly
How many team members do you have?
You don't need to add or pay for people that just receive gifts.

INDIVIDUALModernize reward programs


Just Pay for Rewards

Single User Accounts

  • Milestones & Anniversaries
  • Send or schedule 1-1000
    rewards per order
  • Web, mobile app & print-outs
  • Flexible redemption 60,000+ merchants
  • Insightful detailed reports
  • Custom branding
  • Help Desk & Chat Support

TEAMSEmpower your people






per Member/Mo

$150.00 Total/Mo - Billed Annually

per Member/Mo

$180.00 Total/Mo - Billed Monthly

  • Everything from INDIVIDUAL plus...
  • Allocate budgets to team members for real-time rewards
  • Visibility through social feeds
  • Align team around core values
  • Streamline reward approvals
  • Charity redemption options
  • Custom redemption options
  • Automate Rewards
  • Shared Account Rep

ENTERPRISESupercharge Culture






per Member/Mo

$250.00 Total/Mo - Billed Annually

per Member/Mo

$300.00 Total/Mo - Billed Monthly

  • Everything from TEAMS plus...
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • HRIS Integrations
  • Cost Center Budgeting
  • Proxy Capabilities
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • *Minimum contract value applies







per Member/Mo

$50.00 Total/Mo - Billed Annually

per Member/Mo

$60.00 Total/Mo - Billed Monthly

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  • Peer-to-peer recognition (non-monetary)
  • Allow employees to nominate colleagues
  • Align team around core values or behaviors
  • Build custom workflows to trigger rewards
  • Automated draw to issue rewards
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per 5 Hour Package

per 5 Hour Package

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  • Total Rewards Strategy Consulting
  • HR Leader with 20+ years experience
  • Has built recognition programs at companies 200-10,000 people
  • Can design total rewards packages and how Guusto best fits
  • Can build communication and execution plans

ROI Calculator

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Still Wondering about A Few Things?

No! You only need to load people you want to provide a budget for sending gifts, not people who are just gift recipients (learn more).

As many as you wish. Each team can have different admins and budgets (learn more).


A company with 1000 employees may want to set up 4 teams for 4 different office locations, each with a different Team Admin who would provide budgets to 8 of their senior managers for sending gifts. Price = 4x $29/mo = $116/mo.

We load the net funds we recieve. There are lots of options to fund your account (learn more).

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Minimum $500

email icon

Email Transfer


Minimum $500

bank transfer icon

Bank Transfer


Minimum $500

wire transter icon

Wire Transfer

$17 Fee

Minimum $500

credit card icon

Credit Card

3.0% + $0.30 per transaction

No Minimum

See how Guusto can impact your business with our ROI Calculator.

Unclaimed gifts are credited back in full. You can set claim periods or cancel manually anytime, saving you upwards of 10-20% a year on your gifting budget!
Nope. Once a recipient has added a gift to their account, it never expires. They can accessit anytime through the web or app, and redeem it for various merchant gift cards. If they select a merchant and do not use the full amount, any remaining balance on that merchantgift card can be used on return visits to that merchant.

Nope. You pay face value for all gift cards. We make money by charging the merchants. So every dollar you spend on recognition actually makes it to your people!

When funding your account, do note that we load the net value of funds received. So we always recommend an ACH/EFT bank transfer or cheque to avoid the credit cards processing or wire transfer fees.

There's no term contracts or minimums. So there's no risk to try out some gifting, and then scale it up if you're people are loving getting real-time recognition for their efforts.

There's also a 30-day free trial for the non-monetary Nomination Box for peer-to-peer recognition.

Nope. Teams without an active Nomination Box are free!
Definitely! We offer preferred pricing for large organizations, or companies that have large rewards budgets. Contact us to discuss custom pricing.

Get started in minutes, not months!

Sign up, send a few test gifts, and then some real ones with a credit card to try things out. Then rollout Teams in less than an afternoon to provide a few key managers with budgets for sending gifts.

If that pilot goes well, scale up your program to add more Team Members, more Teams with different Admins, or a non-monetatry Nomination Box for peer-to-peer recognition. Bottom line, you can get started today, test what works for your organization, and build towards an amazing culture of recognition, without months of strategy meetings.

Zero! We have lots of customers that use Guusto to send gifts to clients, and you can be sure they never train those clients in advance on how to redeem a gift. If someone does get stuck, there are links to help articles right in the gift emails, and our support team is always standing by on chat.

Similarly, your Managers that receive budgets for sending gifts require almost no training. It's a very intuitive user interface, and when you add someone to your Team, they recive links to articles/videos that walk through sending gifts and managing those sent gifts (e.g. editing, resending, cancelling).

Finally, if you rollout the Nomination Box, it typically just requires a short email announcing the program to all employees with a link to a help article on how to make a nomination.

For sure. Setup as many as you'd like. Only Teams with an active Nomination Box are charged, based on the number of Members in that Team. If someone is on multiple teams that each have an active Nomination Box (e.g. real-time peer-peer, quarterly award submissions), contact us for a discount so you only pay one subscription for that person.
No problem, you can add as many Team Members as you'd like. There is no charge to add Members unless they are on a Team with an active Nomination Box. In that case, your bill will be pro-rated for the month, based on the number of active Members.
Yes. Our reporting provides full visibility into your program, so you can see who buys, who claims, the reason, business unit, cost centre, and much more!

Guusto tracks everything your finance team needs for taxable benefits. The report can be filtered by month, but to minimize admin time, most of our clients run the report at year end, and apply it to payroll.

Of course, nobody likes getting taxed. But when you ask your people if they'd like to receive a $100 Guusto gift card that comes with a $30 tax hit on their pay check, or receive nothing at all, almost everyone will be pumped to get the $100 gift card.

Some of our clients that are extra generous, and want the tax consequences to also be covered, will gross up the Guusto gift card value. So instead of sending a $100 gift card, they will send one for $140.

The One Drop Foundation used their historical projects to calculate that it takes about a 10 cent donation for them to supply one day's worth of clean drinking water through theirsustainable projects.
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