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Recognize and reward your employees

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Stop losing great people

The workforce is changing as millennials come of age! They want to work at companies with great culture, where they feel appreciated, connected and inspired. Especially when teams are remote! And it's only getting easier for them to change jobs.

2/3 of employees are not engaged
$15,000 lost in productivity per employee
44% of employees turnover each year
$35,000 in replacement costs per employee

Build a culture of recognition to...

Boost engagement
Get your people pumped about their work
Inspire performance
Your people will produce amazing results
Retain A-players
Hold on tight to your best people
Align teams
Get everyone pushing in the right direction
Amplify advocacy
Your people will provide reviews and referrals
Attract talent
Become a place A-Players want to work

All your recognition programs in one place

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We power a wide variety of recognition programs with Mastercard offered in 160+ countries:

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Flexible & inclusive

Give your people the right employee recognition and reward software to consistently reinforce stellar work in real-time! Recipients choose where to redeem from hundreds of merchants, swag options, charities, and custom rewards, so they actually get something they want. And crucially, there are web, mobile app, and print-out options to ensure no-one is ever left out.

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Fair & transparent pricing

FREE single accounts to get started with our employee recognition system! Then only pay for Team Members you'd like to provide budgets. No confusing points systems with markups! No set up fees, shipping fees or minimums, and unclaimed gifts are credited back in full so you get the biggest ROI for every dollar spent on employee recognition!

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16× return on investment

Guusto’s employee recognition software can give your company an ROI of up to 16X your outlay. Recognition has been shown to drive gains in efficiency, productivity, and retention, as well as reduced absenteeism and onboarding costs.

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Seamless integration

Guusto functions as a fully connected part of your HR tech stack. Our platform integrates seamlessly with several widely used HRIS platforms, SSO providers, and even communications platforms like MS Teams.

Aligned & engaged culture

Guusto’s employee recognition and rewards software will keep everyone aligned on mission, vision, and top priorities that move the business forward. Engrain core values into the fabric of your company culture. Build community and engage your people with peer-to-peer shoutouts, social feeds and leaderboards.

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Actionable reports

Reporting that provides insights to guide your people strategy. Track your team's engagement, every reward sent, taxable benefits, and core value performance in a single employee recognition platform to better understand your culture, the impact of your employee recognition program, and where you can improve.

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Nearly 800 million people in the world lack access to clean water. We've teamed up with the One Drop Foundation (an initiative by Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil) to donate 1 day of clean drinking water for every Guusto gift sent.

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I love Guusto for employee recognition. The digital format has saved valuable time and drastically improved my ability to recognize team members for their great work. And it only took a few minutes to get up and running!

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I really enjoyed working with the Guusto team. They are very knowledgeable and helpful about their industry. They are also super efficient and quick with getting work completed! Any time I had a question or needed assistance, their turnaround was awesome.

Kaila Michalkiewicz
Senior Project Manager
Levi Strauss & Co
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This software is very very simple to use. It offers quick videos on any area you need clarification on. Step by Step instructions and not to worry, if you find you made an error once you have submitted the order; you can quickly recall it back in seconds. Another great feature is the on-line chat.. myself and other staff members have used this many times.

Linda Faiella
Manager Field Sales Support
Carlton Cards
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Guusto saves your HR department time, so they can focus their efforts elsewhere and do something that will create a perception of you being an HR department that interacts in a more modern and current way.

Megan McAllister
National Director of Human Resources,
DLA Piper
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Guusto provides us with an efficient platform to send our associates a financial reward so that they are able to purchase merchandise or spend their gift card value on a fun experience... It has also given us another channel for sending our associates recognition for their outstanding personal achievements. We have really enjoyed this new program and it has definitely helped to motivate and drive results.

Tina Do
Executive Assistant to VP
Harry Rosen
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I love Guusto for employee recognition. The digital format has saved valuable time and drastically improved my ability to recognize team members for their great work. And it only took a few minutes to get up and running!

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