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No markups, minimums or fees!

With Guusto there are no fees, markups, minimums, or shipping costs so every dollar you spend on employee appreciation gifts goes to your people (we charge the merchants). Unclaimed gifts are credited back in full so your budget goes even further. Sign up for free and start sending employee rewards in minutes!

Flexible employee gift cards for retail, dining, experiences, and more

Employee recognition is at its most effective when employees get rewards they value. And to do that, you need to offer enough choice to appeal to everyone.

That’s where Guusto’s flexible employee gift card program stands out. Your employees can choose to redeem their Guusto gifts at over 100 merchants offering a diverse array of different rewards and experiences.

From retailers to restaurants, cinemas to streaming providers, and everything in between, your employees can find something they truly want, no matter who they are. As a result, they will value and appreciate their rewards much more, maximizing the impact of your employee recognition program.


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Interested in Prepaid Mastercards?
Customers can add Prepaid Mastercards as a redemption option to their program if they wish. Choose from no fee Virtual Mastercards that can be used for online shopping or loaded in a mobile wallet to pay by tap, or Physical Mastercards that can be mailed to recipients.

Learn how to add Mastercard to your program

Why use gift cards for employee recognition?

When it comes to recognition, employee gift card programs have a number of advantages over traditional points-based or catalog programs:

Fully digital & remote-friendly

Remote and hybrid work environments can make putting together effective employee recognition programs challenging. How do you find rewards that can be easily delivered and redeemed by employees no matter where they are located?

Guusto’s solution solves this problem by providing a fully digital, remote-friendly option for employee recognition. Gift cards can be redeemed at 60,000+ global merchant locations, meaning all of your employees are catered to, wherever they are.If needed, Guusto gift cards can also be printed ensuring nobody gets left out!

Digital gift cards are also an environmentally-friendly option. Single use, plastic gift cards create as much as 60 grams of CO2 per card, generating 5.8 million kilograms of PVC waste per year in the United States alone.

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Employee gift card rewards for any budget

At Guusto, we believe that companies of any size and means should be able to benefit from employee recognition. Gift cards offer a scalable employee recognition and rewards solution that can fit any budget.

You can allocate budgets to your managers and teams to recognize their employees. Team members are also free to combine gifts, or divide them between merchants.

Not only that, but there are no markups, minimums or other additional fees. Unclaimed gifts are also credited back to your account in full.

Redeem how you want
Split up gifts to claim multiple rewards
Stack your value
Combine gifts for higher-value rewards
Transparent value
Get transparent, dollar for dollar value on all of your rewards
Gift with purpose
Donate a day of clean water for every gift sent, One Drop Foundation

Rewards with real tangible value

Many other employee recognition platforms use points-based systems to recognize employees. Unfortunately, these systems are often confusing, with no tangible value attached to the points. It can also take a long time to accumulate enough points to redeem something of value, and rewards are often from catalogs with limited choice and large markups.

The end result is a reduced impact on employee engagement and employee motivation. Employee gift cards from Guusto, on the other hand, have a clear monetary value, and can be redeemed instantly at any merchant the recipient chooses. It’s faster, offers more choice, and feels more rewarding.

There are plenty of restaurants and shops to gift recipients! The process to claim a gift card was not only easy, but it was extremely rapid! I had my gift card in seconds.

Jessica M, Registered Nurse (Enterprise)

I like the fact that the employee can choose whatever gift card they like, that way I don't pick something they won't use. It's also immediate recognition of the work, instead of waiting for me to go purchase gift cards, or get them sent in the mail.

Colleen C, Director of US Support Operations, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

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