Recognition that works for Retail

Build a culture
where people love to work

Most recognition providers offer similar points-based systems that don’t work for retail. We do things differently!

Employee Recognition for Retail: The Complete Guide

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Why Guusto fits for Retail

We don't use points

So there's no need to create accounts or pay for all employees to launch a program.

You can send rewards to anyone (employees, seasonal workers contractors, volunteers, suppliers, customers).

Learn why points don't work for frontline

Start in minutes, not months

Crawl, walk, run: start with a FREE single user account sending unlimited rewards. Then automate milestones and give a few managers budgets to get some results. When ready, roll out a full peer-to-peer recognition program.

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Flexible delivery to reach deskless workers

Don’t have emails for all employees? Are some people not tech savvy or just not at a desk?

Our employee recognition software has been designed to be truly inclusive with Web, Mobile App, SMS, TV Display, and Print options that can be redeemed with no technology.

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Maximize the impact of your budget

Only pay subscription fees for users that can send recognition (e.g managers).

No setup fees, hidden markups, or shipping costs, and unclaimed gifts are credited back, so 100% of every dollar you spend on rewards goes to your employees!

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Want to use Guusto for customer rewards?

Stop losing great customers. When they feel appreciated, your business thrives.

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