Gifting with purpose

Learn about Guusto’s commitments to providing access to clean water, supporting mental health, and other social impact initiatives.

Some notable projects include...

Want to support your own charity through Guusto?

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At Guusto, we’re committed to supporting charities that you feel passionate about!

Instead of redeeming your Guusto gift for a merchant gift card, you can donate the funds to any charity of your choice. Our team would make the donations on your behalf.

The Guusto Cares Initiative

If you have a charity in mind that you would like to support, we will give the charity:

  • FREE access to the Guusto platform

  • FREE access to all of Guusto's essential-tier features, including the Peer-to-Peer Nomination Box

  • Guusto would match 10% of your first funding and donate it to fund your charity’s Guusto Account. (Up to $500)

To learn more, get in touch

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The price of plastic gift cards

Single-use plastic gift cards generate 5.8 million kilograms of PVC waste in landfills and consequently, a carbon footprint of 24 million kilograms every year in the United States! This is equivalent to greenhouse emissions from 5,220 passenger vehicles driven for 1 year or CO2 emissions from 318 tanker trucks of gasoline!

By using Guusto, you reduce plastic waste

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