Flexible and inclusive employee rewards

Flexible gift cards, custom rewards, charity donations, swag, and more

Real value with every reward

For employee recognition to really have an impact, people should receive rewards that they actually want. With Guusto, there's no confusing points, no limited catalogs an no markups.

Redeem how you want
Split up gifts to claim multiple rewards
Stack your value
Combine gifts for higher-value rewards
Transparent value
Get transparent, dollar for dollar value on all of your rewards
Gift with purpose
Donate 1 day of access to clean water for every Guusto gift sent.

What we offer


Instead of redeeming a Guusto gift at our partner merchants, employees can choose to donate it to a charity of their choice. Employees just need to submit the charity’s details and our team will make the donation on their behalf.


Branded merchandise can help make your employees feel like they’re part of the team! You can include Swag as a reward option in your recognition program through our merchandise partner, or include your own Swag partner or store as a Custom Rewards option.

Custom rewards

Whether it’s extra PTO, lunch with the boss, tickets to a game or concert, or anything else you can think of, you can use our Custom Rewards option to include it in your program.

Gift cards

From retailers to restaurants, travel to streaming providers, and everything in between, Guusto's partner merchants have something for everyone on your team! Our gift cards can be redeemed in-store or online at over 60,000+ global merchant locations, meaning your employees can find something they really want, wherever they are.

Explore our gift card options
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Interested in Prepaid Mastercards?
Customers can add Prepaid Mastercards as a redemption option to their program if they wish. There are a variety of options like no fee Virtual Mastercards that can be used for online shopping or loaded in a mobile wallet to pay by tap, or Physical Mastercards that can be mailed to recipients.

Learn how to add Mastercard to your program


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Non-monetary shoutouts

Sometimes, just saying thank you can be enough. Shoutouts are a non-monetary tool that allows all of your employees to publicly recognize each other on the Guusto platform. Admins can also use the Draw feature to randomly select nominated employees for further rewards or to highlight their contributions.

Learn about Shoutouts
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