Stop waiting for great culture.
Shape it with recognition.

Stop waiting for great culture. Shape it with recognition.

A strong culture is critical to attract, engage and retain top talent! We make it easy to recognize great work, reinforce core values, and shape a culture where people feel appreciated, connected and inspired.

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Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage

In today’s world, the speed at which information is being shared makes it difficult to sustain a competitive advantage in areas like product, sales, finance. But you can’t copy culture! That’s why it’s your only sustainable competitive advantage. Investing in your people can fuel innovation, market intelligence, growth, and more. And recognition is the best way to do it.

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What sets Guusto apart

Scale with our phased approach

Most employee recognition software providers require full-scale, budgeted peer-to-peer programs for all your employees right out of the gate. But we believe in keeping things simple, and supporting companies based on where they are in their recognition journey. Just getting started?  We’ll help you build support internally by running pilot programs and giving a few managers budgets. Once you see the benefits, roll it out to your entire organization.

Don’t always know what people want?

It’s hard to know what each employee values, so your employee recognition and reward software needs to give people choice. Outdated catalogs or even direct Amazon connections limit gift offerings, but employees can redeem Guusto gifts for hundreds of different merchant gift cards, branded company swag, donations to almost any charity and even custom rewards that you design.

Ensure no-one is left out

Don’t have work emails for all your employees? No problem! Have some employees who aren’t tech-savvy? We’ve got you covered! Unlike most employee recognition software platforms, Guusto is designed to be truly inclusive. That means web, mobile app, and print-out options, and the ability for managers to send rewards and shoutouts to anyone. 

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Get the most from your budget

Start your employee recognition program with a FREE single account. Then only pay for team members that can send recognition (recipients are free). No setup fees, markups, or shipping costs so 100% of every dollar you spend on rewards goes to your employees. Unclaimed gifts are credited back in full so your budget goes even further

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No more points! There’s a better way

Most recognition providers offer the same points based system. Here are just a few reasons these platforms fall short:

  • The value of points is often unclear with hidden markups

  • Giving small amounts of points can devalue recognition

  • Deciding how much to give can cause some to abandon

  • Recognition is capped when employees run out of points

  • You can’t print points out, so some people will be excluded

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Budget controls like no other system

Most employee recognition platforms restrict you to a single budget for a single company. Not Guusto! Run multiple programs in parallel that pull from different budgets, and assign different admins to each program. Set spending limits for shared cost centers so multiple people can pull from the same budget. Easily track rewards, expenses, and taxable benefits with detailed reporting capabilities.

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Social impact built into every reward

At Guusto, we believe in building purpose into the core of our company. Nearly 800 million people in the world lack access to clean water, so we've teamed up with the One Drop Foundation to donate 1 day of clean drinking water for every Guusto gift sent.

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