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Ingenia Polymers

Modern Solutions to a Remote Workplace

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I would describe Guusto as convenient, user-friendly, and awesome!


Sabrina Kahrim,
HR Generalist

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We modernized employee recognition at Ingenia Polymers. Read how digitizing saves time, money, and inclusive recognition.

The Challenge

It's a pain to go to the store and buy 50 gift cards and sometimes they don't have the stock. It's a long and cumbersome, inconvenient process. HR Generalist Sabrina Kahrim had to envelope and address each individual gift card then hand it to the recipient's supervisor. Remote work makes this process even more difficult.

The Solution

Sabrina is no longer running to the store for gift cards! Especially younger employees appreciate that Guusto cards are on their phone. Birthday gifts are delivered instantly. Cards can be combined and redeemed for larger rewards like a dinner out for their entire family.

HR Generalist Sabrina Kahrim says the main reason why she loves Guusto is because of our customer service. She says there's nothing else comparable! Even our co-founder, Skai Dalziel makes sure our customers are happy and solves problems quickly. One of our core values is listen. Instead of our competitors, inquiries are solved in under a day instead of upwards of weeks.

The team loves convenience, customer service, and reward turnaround that Guusto has to offer. Since using their modern and improved recognition program, it is very well-received by members and administrators alike. Sabrina saves several hours per month, shipping costs for physical gift cards, and can now return unused gift cards for an instant ROI. Morale has increased and employee recognition is now much more consistent across Ingenia Polymers, with a steady 150% adoption rate, year after year.

More people use Guusto by 150% per year. We are using it now on a monthly basis and I see that at least 20-30 cards are sent out per month for our birthday and Instant Recognition programs. For our Instant Recognition program, someone will submit the name of the person that deserves recognition of some sort through our internal google docs process. The plant manager then has access to all the submissions in Google docs. The plant manager will then send the instant recognitions on the person's behalf. But I see all sorts of employees putting in the submissions from hourly employees sending one to a manager and vice versa or an floor employee sending to another floor employee. It's great to see!

Check out our Step-by-Step Guide to Rollout Guusto and try sending some gifts, or Contact Us if you'd like to learn how Guusto can help inspire great employee performance at your company!

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