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Employee Recognition

Inspire Great Performance

Build an amazing culture, increase productivity, and retain top talent.

Build an Amazing Culture

By empowering your people with modern real-time recognition tools.

Increase Productivity

By encouraging and rewarding people to reach their full potential.

Retain Top Talent

By making your people feel valued for their contributions.

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Why you'll love Guusto

First off, it's completely FREE!

We charge the merchants so you don't have to pay. Learn more

  • Eliminate manual processes

    No more running to the store to buy gift cards, hand writing thank-you letters, sourcing merchandise or dealing with shipping delays! Start gifting in seconds with no employee training needed to redeem gifts, or rollout an impactful company wide program in one afternoon!

    Getting Started Guide

  • Effective real-time recognition

    Stop waiting weeks for items to ship. Frequent and immediate recognition will encourage and reinforce desired behaviors! Deliver gifts when it matters most (for maximum impact!), with email, text, export, and print options, so no one is ever left out.

    How Buying Gifts Works
screenshot of the main Guusto buy gifts page
  • Super flexible & easy redemption

    Recipient gets to choose where to redeem from 50,000+ locations, and can split gifts across multiple merchants. Use phone or print it out (no app required), and they'll never lose it.

    How Redemption Works

  • Reward the right reasons

    Align recognition with things your company cares about (e.g. core values, behaviors, goals) and mandate (if desired) that rewards only go out for those reasons.

    How Gift Reasons Works
screenshot of the gifts tracking page on the guusto platform, which lists all the gifts that have been sent from your account, along with the ammount, recipient info, gift reasons, and whether the gift has been claimed
  • Modern milestone awards

    Give rewards that people actually value (ditch the pins and plaques!). Schedule service awards via bulk upload to be delivered on specific days. Notify managers to ensure they add a personal touch or to make a presentation.

  • Powerful tracking, reporting, and analytics

    Ditch the labour intensive spreadsheets for expense & behavior tracking. Full visibility into everything (e.g. who buys, who claims, the reason, business unit, cost centre, etc). Quickly pull expense reports, taxable benefit reports, and insightful analytics to better understand where your company culture is excelling and the areas you need to improve.
    Learn More About Reports

screenshot of the teams account reports screen on the Guusto Platform
  • High impact, low cost

    No markups or shipping fees, meaning people get the rewards they deserve (stop paying $100 + shipping for something that retails for $70).

    Set claim periods for unclaimed gifts to cancel automatically, or cancel manually anytime. This can account for huge savings over the course of the year (typically 15-20%)!

    How Credit for Unclaimed Gifts Works
Nomination Box
Nomination Box
  • Powerful team management

    Empower managers and/or employees with budgets to send instant gifts when their team members and/or colleagues are performing at a high level. Immediate recognition is so much more effective than waiting for a distant performance review.

    How Teams Work

  • Engage With Social Feeds & Leaderboards

    Further employee engagement by making reward activity and messaging public for the whole Team to see. Setup one Team or multiple Teams, each with their own administrator.

    How Public Settings Work
  • Peer-to-peer nominations

    Empower colleagues to recognize each other with non-monetary nominations. Further employee engagement by making nomination activity public for the whole Team to see.

    Team admins, or managers with budgets, can then send Guusto gifts based on nominations and leaderboards. Run regular contests or enter team members in a draw for a larger prize. The possibilities are endless!

    How Pay-it-Forward Works
Nomination Box
  • Not Tech Savvy? No Problem

    We understand that companies often have team members who aren't comfortable with computers. With web, mobile and offline solutions, no-one is left out, regardless of age or computer competence. We work with companies who have 5-generations of employees!
    How Printing Gifts Works

  • Pay-it-forward

    Just want to send a gift to someone, and mandate that they give it to someone else (great for one-off peer-peer campaigns)? Maybe you'd like each of your store managers to pass a gift on to their employee of the month. We have that option too.

    How Pay-it-Forward Works
the simple barcode inerface recipients see when they tap the gift link, displayed on both desktop and phone
Rollout Guusto Guide

One Account. Send Gifts from Anywhere

You and your team can recognize employees on-the-go with the Guusto App.

Send gifts from the app and they will appear on your records in Guusto Web.

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Join thousands of companies using Guusto

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"Having the Guusto gift cards as a rewards option has presented such a wonderful opportunity for our organization and for our employees. Guusto provides us with an efficient platform to send our associates a financial reward so that they are able to purchase merchandise or spend their gift card value on a fun experience such as going to see a movie or going out for a nice dinner. It has also given us another channel for sending our associates recognition for their outstanding personal achievements. We have really enjoyed this new program and it has definitely helped to motivate and drive results."

Tina Do

Executive Assistant to VP, Harry Rosen

"Guusto is an absolutely amazing employee recognition tool! It's so simple to use, and it's great giving our people the choice of where they want to redeem. Also, their customer support team has been outstanding whenever we've had questions."

Lydia Tay

Internal Communications, Employee Engagement and Leadership Development, Purdy's

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Social Impact

Socially and environmentally friendly gift giving

To help really make someone's day we've teamed up with the One Drop Foundation to donate one day of clean drinking water for every Guusto gift sent. Plus there's no plastic gift cards to throw away!

Get started, it's free!

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