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Milestone awards

Modernize your milestone awards

We make milestones simple, flexible, and free

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Build out your milestones to...

Modernize your brand
By recognizing people with Milestone awards that they value. Millions of reward options at thousands of locations.
Increase efficiency
Eliminate the logistics and manual processes associated with catalog & in-house programs, so HR teams can focus on other key initiatives.
More value all-around
Every dollar spent on a reward makes it to your employees (no markups or fees).

Here's why you'll love Guusto for milestone awards

Never miss a milestone
Plan ahead with bulk upload and advanced scheduling
Make milestones meaningful
Millions of reward options at thousands of locations (e.g. Amazon, AirBnb, Best Buy). No plaques or pins!
Branded the way you want
Custom branding features with your message, colors and logo
No markups or contracts
Every dollar spent on a reward makes it to your employees (no markups or fees).
Schedule 1-1000s of awards in seconds
Eliminate manual processes (e.g. ordering, shipping, logistics)
Notifications at the ready
Automatically loop in managers so that they can make a fuss
Powerful reporting
Instantly track everything (expenses, taxes and more)
Inclusive options
Send rewards via email, text, or printed hard-copy. Everyone is included regardless of their comfort with technology!
Ridiculously flexible
Millions of rewards from the nation's top brands (e.g. Amazon, AirBnb, Best Buy)
Delight your people
Never experience fulfillment issues with Guusto's milestone award programs
Instant delivery
No shipping delays with gifts. Get to your awards in minutes, not months.
More value all-around
Build a positive culture by celebrating your team's contributions and effort.

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