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Employee Recognition:

Executive Pitch Kit

Everything you need to make the business case for recognition to your leaders

Pitching a new program to your executive team can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

With the right tools, you can build a compelling case for employee recognition that truly showcases its potential impact to your executive team.

That’s what our Employee Recognition Executive Pitch Kit is for. We’ve included all the resources you need to really wow your leadership.

Ready to convince your leaders that building a culture of recognition is the right move?

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Your kit includes:
Pitching Recognition to the C-Suite:
A Quick Guide

Comprehensive tips from experienced executive-level HR professionals on how to gain buy-in from the C-Suite

ROI Calculator

Want to show the bottom-line impact of recognition to your leaders? Use this tool to calculate the potential return of your program.

1 Page Proposal Template

A Word template to help you outline your program, goals, structure, and the resources you need in a concise 1-page document.

Leadership Presentation Template

A customizable PowerPoint template that you can use to create a comprehensive presentation on recognition for your leadership team.