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Redeeming Gifts

No App Required

Recipient simply opens the gift link with any web browser on phone or computer

Full Step-By-Step Redemption Instructions

  • 01
  • Claim gift so you never lose it &
  • access it anytime via web or app
  • 02
  • Choose a venue, unless
  • it was designated by sender
  • 03
  • Present phone or a print out,
  • any remaining balance saved

Guusto Mobile App

Sending Gifts

Send a Test Gift
  • 01
  • Select the gift item to make
  • it something thoughtful
  • 02
  • Set the gift value, and
  • set venue or leave it open
  • 03
  • Add message and photo,
  • send via text and/or email
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Guusto Web

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Buy Gifts

Delivery Options

  • Lots of options for sending so no one is left out:
  • email
  • text message
  • export links - for sending with your own system
  • print gift link - for recipient to choose merchant online
  • print gift card - for recipient to redeem at specific merchant
  • Option to pre-load Common Recipients that will autofill as you type
  • Option to select from set Recipient Notes (e.g. Department)
  • Choose language for gift (English or French)
  • Deliver immediately or schedule each gift for a different date
  • Option to notify the recipient’s manager about the recognition

Manage Gifts

  • An easy-to-navigate command centre to track everything
  • See which gifts have been claimed
  • Send reminders to recipients about gifts
  • Cancel unclaimed gifts anytime for full refund
  • Powerful search, filter, and export options
  • Expense Reports - see full transaction history and invoices
  • Taxable Benefits - see total amount claimed by each recipient
  • Gift Reasons - insights into why gifts are being sent over time

Setup Account

  • Dashboard overview
  • Profile name, image & messages
  • Load recipient and reason lists
  • Account funds overview

Sending Gifts - Web

  • Buying gift options
  • Delivery options
  • Payment options
  • Managing all your gifts


  • Recipient must pass gift to someone
  • Get employees to recognize a colleague
  • Get your clients to generate new leads
  • Track who it gets passed to


Guide to Rollout Teams
Help Centre: Teams

Team Setup

Manage Funds

  • Transfer funds from the Team Balance to any Team Member
  • Transfer funds back by using negative sign in front of amount
  • See total claimed and unclaimed gifts sent by each Team Member
  • Easily remind Team Members to use their Available Balance

Member Settings


  • Full visibility into all Team Members Activity
  • Powerful search, filter, and export options
  • Gift Report - see every gift sent out by Team Members
  • Expense Reports - see full transaction history and invoices
  • Taxable Benefits - see total amount claimed by each recipient
  • Gift Reasons - insights into why gifts are being sent over time

Nomination Box

  • A great non-monetary option to allow peer-to-peer recognition
  • Load some Reasons for Nominations
  • See Leaderboard for all nominations
  • Option to require Admin Approval for nominations
  • Option to notify the nominee’s manager about the nomination

Teams - Setup

  • Learn how to create a team
  • Add members or load a list
  • The system will create Guusto accounts for new members

Teams - Manage Funds

  • Funding the Team account
  • Transfer funds to/from members
  • Overview of member spending
  • Send reminders to use funds

Teams - Member Settings

  • Add new members
  • Load recipient and gift reason lists
  • Activate public recognition
  • Open spending limits of team funds

Teams - Reports

  • Full visibility into member spending
  • Gift reports for full team or by member
  • Expense reports, taxable benefit reports, gift reason reports

Team Admin - Nomination Box

  • Setup a Peer-Nomination Box
  • Edit reasons for nominations
  • View leaderboard for nominations
  • Track all nominations and export data

Team Member - Nomination Box

  • Learn how to nominate colleagues
  • See nominations made and received
  • Track leaderboard for nominations
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