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Don’t let competitors beat you

It's getting harder than ever to reach prospects and retain clients if you don't have a professional customer retention strategy in place. Competition is fierce!

However, 92% of people trust referrals from people they know, so you need to find a way to incentivize more referrals. Also, the #1 way to engage customers and build loyalty is sending surprise gifts.

The problem is that doing it without professional customer retention software and solutions is difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

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Power your customer retention & incentives strategy

Accelerate acquisition
Prospects will be open to connecting
Increase activations
Customers will learn to adopt your products
Drive engagement
Customers will willingly interact with your brand
Expand accounts
Customers will grow their spending
Boost loyalty
Customers will choose to come back
Generate advocacy
Customers will provide reviews and referrals

Supercharge your customer loyalty strategy

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Our customer retention solutions power a wide variety of rewards and loyalty programs with Mastercard offered in 160+ countries:

  • Client Appreciation Programs
  • Sales Contest Rewards
  • Sales Performance Incentive Funds (SPIFs)
  • Repeat Purchase Rewards
  • Bonus for Expanding Business with You
  • Service Recovery When Things Go Wrong
  • Gift-with-Purchase Programs
  • Promotional Programs
  • Incentivize Prospects to Connect
  • Incentivize Referrals, reviews and testimonials

Here's why you'll love Guusto

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Impactful, flexible & inclusive

Give your people the right employee recognition and reward software to consistently reinforce stellar work in real-time! Recipients choose where to redeem from 60,000+ merchant locations, so they actually get something they want. Web, mobile app and print-out options to ensure no-one is ever left out.

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Fair & transparent pricing

FREE single accounts to get started with our employee recognition system! Then only pay for Team Members you'd like to provide budgets. No confusing points systems with markups! No set up fees, shipping fees or minimums, and unclaimed gifts are credited back in full so you get the biggest ROI for every dollar spent on employee recognition!

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16× return on investment

Guusto’s employee recognition software can give your company an ROI of up to 16X your outlay. Recognition has been shown to drive gains in efficiency, productivity, and retention, as well as reduced absenteeism and onboarding costs.

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Aligned & engaged culture

Guusto’s employee recognition and rewards software will keep everyone aligned on mission, vision, and top priorities that move the business forward. Engrain core values into the fabric of your company culture. Build community and engage your people with peer-to-peer shoutouts, social feeds and leaderboards.

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Actionable reports

Reporting that provides insights to guide your people strategy. Track your team's engagement, every reward sent, taxable benefits, and core value performance in a single employee recognition platform to better understand your culture, the impact of your employee recognition program, and where you can improve.

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Nearly 800 million people in the world lack access to clean water. We've teamed up with the One Drop Foundation (an initiative by Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil) to donate 1 day of clean drinking water for every Guusto gift sent.

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Sabine Stevens

My clients love the little appreciation gifts I've been sending as they get to pick the venue, which saves me a ton of time deciding.

Sabine Stevens
RE/MAX Realtor
Stevens Team

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Elliot Coles

Compared to our old process of hand packaging and mailing gift cards – this is a huge improvement and cost savings. The entire process so far has felt secure and safe from start to finish with handling our funds.

Elliot Coles
Communications Consultant II
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Dustan Woodhouse

Guusto is vastly cooler than a gift card. It's especially impressive if you know they're at a Guusto establishment and can text them their gift on the spot.

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Zach Silverman

Anytime I get a referral from someone, I now shoot them a Guusto drink to say thanks, which helps encourage more referrals.

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Sabine Stevens

My clients love the little appreciation gifts I've been sending as they get to pick the venue, which saves me a ton of time deciding.

Sabine Stevens
RE/MAX Realtor
Stevens Team
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