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Employee Recognition Guide

The Ultimate Recognition Playbook

Learn to assemble your team of champions, increase engagement, and measure the results

Why is Employee Recognition Important?

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Employee recognition is necessary to inspire great performance, increase productivity and build an amazing company culture. Not only does employee recognition keep your current employees engaged, but it also helps you attract the best candidates and retain your top talent.

5 steps to building an impactful employee recognition program

1 Develop Your Case

Let’s Start the Conversation about impactful recognition...

You know WHY it is important to create an impactful culture of recognition at your company, but it is time to convince your executive team that investing in a culture of recognition can be the next step toward creating meaningful, lasting, company-wide growth.

Ensure that you are communicating with your executives to determine how much you plan to invest in recognition and what your target return on investment is. What is the reduction in turnover that you are hoping to see? How will you increase productivity? Addressing these questions will help ensure you are getting the results you crave out of your program. Access our FREE ROI calculator.

2 Build Your Team of Champions

Next, you are going to need to build your ideal team. You want to encourage a team of leaders who will receive credit for achieving results, but how do you go about that?

Implement a clear list of the key stakeholders in your company and make sure everyone knows who they are, what their duties are, and what is expected of them.

Introducing the Team of Champions...

  • Leader: approve & oversee program and results
  • Admin: administer the program
  • Manager: access to budget, send rewards
  • Employee: receive rewards, nominate others
  • Finance: in charge of financial reports (eg: expenses, taxable benefits)

3 Understand the 5 Attributes of Effective Recognition

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  1. Simple
    Make it easy, so ALL your employees are more inclined to participate.
  2. Instant
    Keep up with real-time results and reinforce desired behaviours as soon as they happen.
  3. Flexible
    Motivate your people to participate by offering a reward that is valued.
  4. Inclusive
    Give every employee the opportunity to participate in recognition. If you are offering an online program, make sure there are offline options available.
  5. Consistent
    Ad hoc programs don’t work. Make sure that your employees understand that this program is not a fad. Create a consistent program with longevity that will ensure that your employees will continue participating.

4 Communicate Your Program

Your job as the leader of your recognition program is to ensure that your entire team has a clear understanding of your objectives and expectations. Be clear what is expected of each of the stakeholders in your company and why their participation will be beneficial for everyone. Your program will not achieve the results you crave if your employees are unsure how to participate.

Anticipate objections from each stakeholder (other leaders, managers, financial team etc.). Everyone will have different concerns about the program, so be sure you have a solid response to each objection.

How are you going to make sure everyone is happy?

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5 Measure the Effects

Finally, your recognition program must be measurable. To understand the effects of your program, you need a way to measure two main areas,

  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  2. Behaviour

To measure KPI you will need to be able to calculate things like rate of turnover, conversion rates (Marketing), close rates (Sales), etc.

Behaviour is harder to measure but can be done through employee surveys and receiving data from the actual recognition program (how many nominations are being sent? What are the reasons for nominations? etc.).

Overall, it is essential that you have a way to measure if you are achieving the results that you hoped for and what is or is not working with your current program.

Take the Next Steps...

The task of building a culture of recognition at your company can feel overwhelming. Maybe you have tried following the above steps and are starting to see some improvement in your company, but you are looking for your results to skyrocket to the next level.

Guusto is here to help implement all the key steps and set your program into motion with our simple, automated platform that can be setup in seconds and is completely FREE to use.