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Silverman Mortgage Group

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I love Guusto for the simplicity. It's on your phone [or desktop] and you can very quickly send something professional looking with your own brand on it and everything.


Zach Silverman,
Senior Mortgage Advisor

Customer Type

Mortgage Broker


Zach Silverman is a pro-golfer turned top mortgage broker. He's been in the business for 12 years and started Silverman Mortgage Group nearly 8 years ago. As a broker with a rapidly growing client base and a young family, he's always looking for ways to streamline tasks. Gifting has been an important strategy for incentivizing referral sources and putting out fires. Zach turned to Guusto to supercharge this process.

The Challenge

One of the challenges Zach faces is that his office gets “a ton of leads from realtors" and he's been struggling to nail his system for showing appreciation. Zach believes that you don't need to go over the top but that gifts have to be fun, engaging and the recipient has to see value in it.

Prior to using Guusto, Zach and his team had tried all the usual suspects: mailing out thank you notes with gift cards and sending gift baskets. But these solutions were far too clunky and almost impossible to streamline.

Gifts had to be picked up from a store and would take a long time to arrive, which meant they weren't being received at the most impactful moment. To make matters worse, everyone in his office has a busy schedule, which meant that sometimes gifts just never got sent.

The Solution

Being a forward-thinking mortgage broker, Zach dedicates some time every week to learn about new technologies. That's when he stumbled upon Guusto. Silverman Mortgage Group is big into technology and values simple to integrate systems that increase efficiency. Guusto's instant gifting platform was really in alignment with this idea.

I once had an issue on the lawyer's side at closing time. The error had nothing to do with us but I wanted my client to have a good experience so I sent them a bottle of wine [with Guusto] apologizing for the mix-up and it totally changed things.

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