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Saved thousands of dollars by going paperless

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It's definitely easy to use, innovative, and cool. It's a cool program.


Kaitlyn Malcolm,
HR Manager

Customer Type

Marketing & Advertising


Kaitlyn Malcolm is a HR manager for Edgecombes using Guusto as a tool to deliver employee recognition for her clients in the telemarketing industry. She needed a rewards program that could adapt to COVID-19 and the shift to remote work. Guusto has helped her reach all of her clients, both on-site and remote, at minimal cost to the company!

The Challenge

Using Guusto helps her clients give recognition to their remote employees, who may have otherwise fallen through the cracks. Even before COVID-19, many of their offices went paperless. Edgecombes needed to expand their brand beyond physical gift cards, so Kaitlyn looked for companies who could send recognition in new ways.

The Solution

She says that a lot of employee recognition companies are too limited in their gift-sending options, and have high fees. Guusto's ease-of-use and great customer service have helped Kaitlyn streamline her clients' employee recognition.

Guusto has helped her clients save thousands of dollars that they can now put towards actual rewards, as opposed to warehouse and shipping fees.

A lot of the other companies we were looking at, even if they weren't based in the States, were expecting us to use U.S. funds. We appreciate that Guusto offers more flexibility.

Check out our Step-by-Step Guide to Rollout Guusto and try sending some gifts, or Contact Us if you'd like to learn how Guusto can help inspire great employee performance at your company!

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