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I definitely would recommend other HR leaders to use it, I would rate Guusto a 10! You guys have a great team there and always open to answer any questions anyone might have. I really appreciate everything that your team has done!


Amanda Moss,
Human Resource Manager

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What problem were you looking to solve?

We have always recognized employees in various ways, but we wanted to drill down on who we were recognizing and for what reasons. We didn’t have an easy way to keep track of this. We also wanted to provide timely and meaningful recognition to our employees.

What caused you to look for a recognition solution?

We were spending too much time on the admin side and wanted a system that was reliable, more automated, and trackable; while also providing something new and exciting for our employees.

What did you do in the past for recognition?

We used manual gift cards which were difficult to purchase, track, and hand out in a timely manner. We also provided and continue to provide service awards and annual employee awards.

Why did you choose Guusto?

For so many reasons! I had implemented Guusto at a previous company, so I already knew the value it would provide. The platform is super intuitive, so training was minimal.

Setting up employees in the system was really easy, and the communication and support from the Guusto team was amazing. The wide selection of gift cards was also really enticing for us, allowing us to cater to each of our employees.

Most importantly, the efficiencies of the platform enabled the removal of all the administrative tasks we were faced with, allowing us to focus our time elsewhere. Our ability to automatically send, track, and budget funds has added such value to our process.

Did you face any hurdles convincing the executive team to allocate a budget to the program?

Not really. We agreed quickly on a monthly budget for each manager. Our Exec team was more excited about the efficiencies and ability to review the monthly reports. They really didn’t have a lens into this data prior to Guusto.

How did you go about allocating budgets to managers?

We agreed on a monthly budget for managers. We make exceptions to add more funds as needed.

How was the implementation? Any tips on how to launch?

The implementation was smooth. We communicated a lot pre-launch so that employees knew what was coming. The Guusto team was very helpful in providing campaign material, video tutorials, etc.

How has adoption at your organization been? Any tips on how to drive engagement?

Our adoption rate has been really good. Guusto has become part of our culture and couldn’t have come at a better time with the quick transition to remote work in 2020.

Ironically, we rolled out the platform at the onset of COVID, so it was a perfect time to make the move from manual to automated. This new virtual world definitely helped drive engagement, as it provided a means to recognize each other from near and far.

We’ve also linked our Passionate Excellence Attributes into the platform, so employees are recognized for those values, driving engagement even further. Last year, we started using Guusto for our Annual Employee Awards nominations. Again, this was a very manual (paper-driven) process that is now automated and easy to use.

Do you have any success stories you would like to share?

Not one in particular, but I’ve heard from many employees about the excitement of receiving a Guusto gift. The immediate feedback and fun gift seems like a small thing, but it really goes a long way in making employees feel good about the work that they do.

How has support and service been?

Always great!

What results have you seen since implementing Guusto?

We’re due for an engagement survey, so we’ll be able to pull some data then. But in general, employees and managers find Guusto efficient and valuable. The admin side is now a breeze which has been very exciting for the HR team!

How likely would you be to recommend Guusto on a scale of 1-10?

Definitely a 10. I can’t think of a downside to Guusto. It’s a really simple and value-added platform that will help boost recognition and engagement. The implementation effort and time is minimal, especially when you see all the benefits it provides. Guusto has helped move us forward in adopting new technology that drives engagement and supports our culture.

Check out our Step-by-Step Guide to Rollout Guusto and try sending some gifts, or Contact Us if you'd like to learn how Guusto can help inspire great employee performance at your company!

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