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Building Culture

Story and strategies to attract, engage and retain the best people

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Guide to Recognition

01 Employee Recognition Guide

Learn to assemble your team of champions, increase engagement, and measure the results

02 9-min Video to Build Culture

Learn how to build a culture of recognition in 9 minutes using Guusto

03 How to use Guusto for Employee Recognition

Tips and pointers on using Guusto for Employee Recognition


What's New at Guusto: New Platform Live Demo

The new Guusto platform is here! Watch our recorded webinar where our Customer Success Manager, Emma Wang, walks us through Guusto 3.0:

  • Our Guiding Principles: Simple, Engaging, Flexible, and Actionable
  • Guusto 3.0 Platform Demo
  • Upcoming Features Roadmap
  • Q & A

The Value of Recognition

Do your employees feel appreciated? Co-founder, Skai Dalziel, shares how Guusto can help:

  • The Problem with Low Recognition & Existing Solutions
  • How Guusto Builds a Culture of Recognition
  • Why Guusto
  • The Cost of Inaction

Learn How to Run a Modern Milestone Program

Watch our recorded webinar on How to Run a Modern Milestone Program, where co-founder, Joe Facciolo, discusses all things Milestones featuring:

  • The Benefits of Having a Milestones Program
  • Pitfalls of Traditional Milestones Programs
  • 5 Tips on Ways to Modernize your Program
  • Q & A


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