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Everyday Gifting

Strengthen Personal Connections

Send instant gifts for special occasions, achievements and showing gratitude

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Grow Friendships

by reaching out for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.

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Deepen Family Relationships

by showing support for milestones, promotions, or a new home.

Enhance Community Relations

by thanking teachers, health workers, and others for their help.

Why You'll Love Guusto for Everyday Gifting!

  • Simple & Instant

    A few clicks to shoot out a gift so no more running out to buy and deliver gift cards.

  • Thoughtful Items

    Send dinner, a bottle of wine, a night at the movies, or a day at the spa.

  • Track Gifts

    See when claimed, as recipient prompted to write thanks message. Easily send reminders.

  • Super Flexible

    Recipient gets to choose where to redeem from 10,000+ locations. View all partners

  • Easy Redemption

    Use phone or print it out (no app required), and they’ll never lose it. How redemption works

guusto's main scrren which lists the different categories of gifts you can send, including pints, wine, dessert, dinner, or an open guusto card
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One Account. Send Gifts from Your Pocket or Computer

Our online dashboard and app let you send gifts at home or on-the-go. Track your sent gifts and send reminders from either platform.

"I absolutely love the concept of this app. You can send a drink, a round of drinks, dessert, and more to anyone with a smartphone, so it makes Christmas and holiday shopping pretty easy. It’s amazing!"

Sunny Lenarduzzi

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"Guusto is perfect for sending a little something to friends or colleagues when I can’t be there in person. It’s those little gestures that make a huge difference and really show people how much I appreciate them."

Tarah Ferguson

Manager, BC Innovation Council

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Social Impact

Socially and environmentally friendly gift giving

To help really make someone's day we’ve teamed up with the One Drop Foundation to donate one day of clean drinking water for every Guusto gift sent. Plus there’s no plastic gift cards to throw away!

Get started, it's free!

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How it Works