Business Development

Drive More Business

Nurture client relationships, reward referral sources and rock any service recovery.

Boost Return Business

By showing clients you truly appreciate their choice to work with you.

Increase Referrals

By rewarding referral sources to encourage them to keep passing business your way.

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Retain More Clients

By improving service recovery to show you genuinely care when things go wrong.

Why You'll Love Guusto for Business Development

First off, it's completely FREE!

No setup fees, monthly fees or minimums! Every dollar spent actually goes to your recipients! Learn more

  • Eliminate manual processes

    No more running to the store to buy gift cards! Super simple to start gifting in seconds, or get your whole sales team setup in one afternoon!

    Getting Started Guide

  • Effective real-time appreciation

    Frequent and immediate appreciation will deepen your bond with client! Deliver gifts when it matters most, with email, text, export, and print options, so no one is ever left out ;)

    How Buying Gifts Works
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  • Powerful tracking, reporting, and analytics

    Ditch the labour intensive spreadsheets for expense tracking. Full visibility into everything like who claims, their responses, and where redeemed. Quickly pull expense reports and insightful analytics to see performance of your program.

    Learn more about Reports

  • Unclaimed gifts fully refunded

    Stop paying for gift cards that get lost! Set claim periods for unclaimed gifts to cancel automatically, or cancel manually anytime. This can save you upwards of 10-20%, so you can reallocate it to new recipients that will be excited to get a gift!

    How Managing Gifts Works
screenshot of the gifts tracking page on the guusto platform, which lists all the gifts that have been sent from your account, along with the ammount, recipient info, gift reasons, and whether the gift has been claimed
  • Powerful team management

    Empower your sales and account managers with budgets so they can send instant gifts to help drive more business. Immediate client appreciation is so much more effective than waiting until the next client meeting. Setup one Team or multiple Teams, each with their own administrator.

    How Teams Work

  • Lead generation tool

    Want help generating new warm leads? You can send gifts to existing clients, for them to give to someone that might also like your services. You can then track where it gets passed and follow up with that person.

    How Pay-it-Forward Works

screenshot of the teams account reports screen on the Guusto Platform
  • Super flexible

    Recipient gets to choose where to redeem from 50,000+ locations, and can split gifts across multiple merchants
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  • Easy redemption

    Use phone or print it out (no app required), and they’ll never lose it

    How Redemption Works
the simple barcode inerface recipients see when they tap the gift link, displayed on both desktop and phone

Zero setup time, and it's free!

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One Account. Send Gifts from Anywhere

Make sure your gesture of appreciation is timely, or put out fires on-the-go with the Guusto App.

Send gifts from the app and they will appear on your records in Guusto Web.

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“Guusto is vastly cooler than a gift card. It's especially impressive if you know they're at a Guusto establishment and can text them their gift on the spot."

Dustan Woodhouse


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“Anytime I get a referral from someone, I now shoot them a Guusto drink to say thanks, which helps encourage more referrals.”

Zach Silverman

Mortgage Broker

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“If my guest experience ever falls short, Guusto gift cards make it easy to quickly turn things around and earn 5-star reviews.”

Cam Auge

Property Manager

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“My clients love the little appreciation gifts I’ve been sending as they get to pick the venue, which saves me a ton of time deciding.”

Sabine Stevens

RE/MAX Realtor

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Social Impact

Align your gifting program with social and environmental sustainability goals

We’ve teamed up with the One Drop Foundation to donate one day of clean drinking water for every Guusto gift sent. Plus there’s no plastic gift cards to throw away!

Zero setup time, and it's free!

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