How It Works

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Redeeming Gifts

No App Required

Recipient simply opens the gift link with any web browser on phone or computer

  • 01
  • Claim gift so you never lose it &
  • access it anytime via web or app
  • 02
  • Choose a venue, unless
  • it was designated by sender
  • 03
  • Present phone or a print out,
  • any remaining balance saved

Step-By-Step Redemption Instructions

  1. Click the gift link within the email or text message - it will open a web browser
  2. Attach the gift to your email address (so you can always access it via or app)
  3. Write a quick thank you message to sender so they know you have received it
  4. Click the gift from the list of gifts in your account
  5. Select the desired venue (unless it was pre-specified by sender)
  6. Present gift code on phone or print out like any regular gift card
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Guusto Mobile App

Sending Gifts

Send a Test Gift
  • 01
  • Select the gift item to make
  • it something thoughtful
  • 02
  • Set the gift value, there
  • are no fees on the app
  • 03
  • Add message and photo,
  • send via text and/or email
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Guusto Web

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Full 5-min Demo

  • Setting up your profile
  • Funding account options
  • Buying gifts and delivery options
  • Managing gifts and sending reminders


  • Initial recipient must pass the gift to someone else
  • Get existing clients to generate new leads
  • Empower employees to do peer-to-peer gifting


Manage Teams

  • Provide funds to managers so they can send gifts
  • Full visibility into how they spend funds
  • Reclaim unused funds from managers at anytime

Member Account Setup

  • Get started in seconds
  • Review personal funds, team funds, and spending limits
  • Unclaimed gifts credited back to your account
Team Member Training PDF

Member Sending Gifts

  • Buying gifts
  • Tracking all sent gifts
  • Editing gift information and sending reminders
Team Member Training PDF
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