You can always Contact Us with questions, but here are some demo videos and answers to common questions below


Does the gift recipient need the Guusto App?

Nope, they can access their gift through a web link in the notification message. It's easiest to redeem using a smart phone, but the gift can also be printed off from a computer if preferred.

Do gifts expire?

Once you claim a gift by adding it to your account you can use it whenever works for you with no expiry. That said, some senders put claim periods to ensure they only pay for gifts that are added to an account.

Are there restrictions on where the gift can be used?

The great thing about receiving a Guusto gift is that the sender usually lets you choose which partner merchant to redeem your gift. While a Guusto Card can be redeemed at any merchant type, dining items (e.g. drink, dinner) can only be redeemed at restaurants, coffee gifts can only be redeemed at Tim Hortons, spa gift can only be redeemed at WaySpa partner spas, movie gifts can only be redeemed at Cineplex and shopping gifts can be redeemed at retailers.

Can the recipient split a gift to select different venues?

Not currently, but it is something our tech team is working on building. For now, if you'd like to provide the recipient the ability to choose a few merchants, we recommend sending a few gifts instead of one larger gift (e.g. 3x $50 gift cards in place of 1x $150 gift card).

Are there restrictions on what menu item can be selected?

We keep things simple and thoughtful ("Enjoy a drink on me!") and let the recipient apply the value of the gift towards any drink (or food) they like. It's the same for all gifts - lunch, dessert, bottle, etc…

What happens if I don't use the full amount of the gift?

No problem, you can access your received gifts anytime through Guusto.com or the Guusto Mobile App, and the remaining balance can be used at the same merchant (different location of same merchant is okay).

Can the gift value be applied towards gratuity and taxes?

Yes, the gift value can be applied towards the full bill.

What if someone sent me a gift and I can't see it in my Guusto App?

When you receive a gift you can add it to your existing Guusto account. You can then login to the Web Redemption Portal or on the Guusto App to see all your received gifts.

Redeeming Gifts

Gift Items

App vs Web

What's the difference between the Guusto Mobile App and the Guusto Web Platform?

The Guusto App is great for sending one off gifts while on-the-go. The Guusto Web Platform offers much more functionality for larger gifting programs:

  • - Order multiple gifts at once
  • - Set claim dates
  • - Track reason for sending gift
  • - Pay-it-forward feature
  • - Schedule delivery for later date

Of course, any gifts sent through the Mobile App that go unclaimed can be manually cancelled anytime by logging in on the Web Platform.

Can I login on the Web Platform and Mobile App with the same account?

Yes, you can use the same login details for both the Guusto App and Web Platform, and you will see all your sent gifts. You can also use your account funds to buy gifts on the Web Platform or the most recent versions of the Mobile Apps.

Sending Gifts - App

Sending Gifts - Web


What are Teams?

In the Guusto Web Platform, you can setup a team, fund the team account, and then transfer some of the team funds to each member so they can buy gifts for their employees, colleagues or clients. As the team administrator you have full visibility into how they spend funds and can reclaim unused funds anytime.

How does Open Spending work?

You can allow members to spend funds in the main team account without requiring a pre-transfer of funds. If enabled, we recommend setting maximum spending limits (Total, Monthly or Weekly).

If there are no funds in the main team account, any member purchases will not go through (the credit card on the team administrator account would not be automatically charged, they would have to login and add funds to the team account).

How do I setup Public recognition so all team members can see gifts sent by others?

Navigate to Member Settings in your Team Account, and set members as Public if you wish for their sent gifts and nominations to appear in the Dashboard Activity Feed of other team members. It's a great way to keep all team members in the loop on recognition.

Teams - Manage Funds

Teams - Member Settings


Does the Guusto Web Platform cost anything?

Nope, it's free to use the Guusto Web Platform create an account here.

Does the Guusto App cost anything?

Nope, it's free to download - get iOS app here, get Android app here.

Are there any fees to send gifts?

If you're sending gifts using a credit card, we do pass along the card processing fees (3% +$0.30 per transaction), but there are options to fund you account with bank transfer, email transfer or by cheque to avoid any fees.

Are there any fees to fund my Guusto account?

It's free to fund your Guusto account using a bank transfer, email transfer or cheque. If you'd prefer to use a credit card, we pass along the processing fees of 3% + $0.30 per transaction. If you're going to use a credit card, we definietly recommend funding your account in advance instead of purchasing each gift separately at checkout in order to reduce the number of $0.30 transaction fees.

Can I get credited for gifts that go unclaimed?

Yes, gifts sent on the Web Platform or most recent version of the Mobile Apps (that paid credit card fees or used account funds) can be cancelled for a full account by logging into the Web Platform and navigating to Manage Gifts.

That said, we recommend using the Guusto Web Platform as it allows you to set a claim period; if the gift recipient does not add the gift to their account by the end of the claim period, the funds are automatically fully credited back to your Guusto account.


What amount is donated to supply one day of water to someone in need?

One Drop Foundation used their historical projects to calculate that it takes a 10 cent donation for them to supply a day's worth of drinking water to someone in need.

What does Guusto mean?

Guusto (pronounced goose-tow) means "my pleasure" in Spanish (think "mucho gusto"), "great taste" in Italian (both style and flavour), and "great enthusiasm and enjoyment" in English (think "going for gusto"). It's one fantastic little word that captures what we are all about!

How was the Dragons' Den experience?

We pitched back in the Spring of 2015 with just the Guusto Mobile App and the episode aired later that fall. We were in the Den for close to an hour and a half walking through the business and answering questions. Ultimately, the Dragons' could not match the valuation offered by other investors so we did not do a deal.

Of course, the editors found it more dramatic to focus on Michelle giving us a hard time about not mandating gift recpients to download the app. They conveniently cut out the part where we asked the other 4 Dragons if they would ever send a client a Guusto gift if that were the case, to which they all responded "NO WAY", and Michelle came around ;)

Even still, the exposure was amazing for the company and the experience was a whole lot of fun! Read more about the experience, see pictures and watch the episode here.